Livestock Mortality

see our livestock mortality compensation coverage

Equine Mortality: $200 Minimum Premium / No Deductible on Mortality only policy Policy is fully earned


  • Available in all states – nationwide
  • No Vet Certificate required under $100,000.00, or, age 31 days to 15 years and includes theft, accident, illness, injury or disease, and for humane destruction to relieve incurable and excessive suffering
  • TIV from $1000.00 up to $5,000,000.00 (no cap actually)
  • Agreed Value – (No Charge Endorsement subject to Company Authorization) Replaces Fair Market Value
  • Other Endorsements (No Charge – Emergency Colic Surgery Max $5000.00 Reimbursed/ Included in Mortality Policy)
  • 12 Month Extension on Death Coverage/ Reduced Coverage after age 15
  • Worldwide Coverage*
  • Accident, sickness, disease infertility endorsement for stallions – Fair market value for totally & permanently impotent; or infertile; or incapable of serving mares.
  • Loss Payable – Available to extend coverage to include a loss payee

Major Medical Limits:

$7500.00 – $300 Deductible
$10,000.00 – $500 Deductible
$15,000.00/ $325.00 Deductible/ No race horses
*Restrictions Apply

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