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Should you buy ASF or FMD Insurance?

Recent outbreaks in China are causing concern across the globe, and your farm is not immune to these diseases should they spread to the United States. Diseases as deadly as these have no regard for your hog operation. They just want to infect, multiply and spread.

At James Allen Insurance, we have decided now is the time to act. We offer comprehensive coverage against African Swine Fever (ASF) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) infections, the only coverage like it in the U.S. These viruses have the potential to significantly disrupt and damage large swaths of the agriculture industry. There is no vaccine to protect against ASF. Don’t let your operation be destroyed.

Our policy covers the financial loss of operation from actual mortality, reduction in weight and reduction in value of a pig. Specifically:

:: Coverage is designed to transfer the financial impact of a break
:: The policy can insure 10% and up of production value of your operation
:: Coverage is inexpensive - $500,000 of coverage as low as $1,500.00
:: Claims payment start from dollar one
:: Coverage for ASF and FMD can be purchased as a bundle to save money

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