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Dairy Operations

See our dairy operation coverages

What Kind of Dairy Operations Insurance is available?

We offer Dairy Operations Insurance coverages that include: building ordinance, water back-up, signs, milk contamination, livestock theft, animal collision, spoilage, and others.


If Dairy or Milk Barns Insured:

  • Building ordinance coverage – $25,000 limit
  • Water back-up – Included
  • Signs $5,000

If Farm Personal Property Insured:

  • Perishable farm personal property – $10,000 limit
  • Off-premises utility failure – $10,000 limit
  • Milk Contamination – $25,000 limit
  • Livestock theft – $5,000 limit
  • Animal collision coverage – $5,000 limit

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for an accident occurring on your premises Coverage for:

  • Expediting expenses up to $100,000
  • Data restoration up to $50,000
  • Hazardous substance up to $100,000 (Clean-up, Repair or replacement, Disposal)
  • Service interruption
  • Disruption of farming operations up to $25,000
  • Spoilage up to $100,000
  • Computers in dwellings up to $25,000

The following are needed for Dairy Submission:

JAI Farm Application

Dairy Supplemental Application
Additionally, please submit 5 years loss runs

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