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Insuring the Unexpected – Equine Insurance


Our mortality policy was designed to better meet the needs of horse owners offering automatic coverage typically other insurance companies charge a premium for.  We fill gaps in coverage… and we do it well. Bring us a challenge, and we’ll find a way to cover it. Whether you wish to cover your horse for mortality or insure your entire ranch, we can help.


Coverage Highlights:

Full Mortality & Theft

Our policy provides coverage on an “all risk” basis.  It covers death due to any cause not specifically excluded by the policy. In the event of death, you will be paid the fair market value of the horse.


Automatic Additional Coverage

Our policy includes the following standard coverage:

  • $5,000 Emergency Colic Coverage
  • $5,000 Medical and Surgical Coverage
  • Grade 3 Wobbler Syndrome
  • Surgical Operations Extended Coverage


Add On Coverage

Our policy allows you to purchase additional limits of coverage for the following:

  • Up To $10,000 Emergency Colic Coverage
  • Up To $25,000 Medical & Surgical Coverage


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