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Non-Admitted Farm

See our Non-Admitted Farm Coverage

Do you have a risk that does not fit in a traditional market?

James Allen Insurance is helping agents round out coverages in emerging areas of need, which for farm & ranch insurance include all classes of farm-related business. James Allen Insurance typically provides coverage for large row crop, cattle, equine, hog confinement, commercial agriculture and farm liability. Our Non-admitted program is specifically designed to fill a need in the market for risks that other carries have declined.

James Allen Insurance currently places farm and ranch coverage insurance with the following carriers: QBE, Westfield, Farmers Mutual Hail, Growers Mutual Insurance Company, and Lloyds of London. Our Preferred Program with Lloyds of London is the only preferred program they offer.

This program is designed for:

  • Hard to Place, Unacceptable Farm Risks or Declined Farm Business
    in the admitted market.
  • Preferred Agri property and “loss troubled” property is eligible for consideration.

We typically provide coverage for the following:

  • Problem loss history with the Farm Property
  • Unusual property risk associated with the Farm
  • Doesn’t conform to your market’s appetite
  • Need Farm Property coverage
  • Risk Location exceeds capacity for coverage
  • Unusually high farm limits needed
  • Poultry Confinement coverage
  • Need a Farm Market to write farm business
  • Farm Grain Bin or Grain Mill coverage
  • Farm Dwellings and Outbuildings coverage
  • Irrigation Pivots and Equipment coverage
  • Scheduled Implements and Equipment coverage
  • Unscheduled Farm Personal Property coverage
  • Fertilizer Dealers Property coverage (smaller dealers)
  • Product, Product Recall coverage with Specialty Commodity Rejection Form coverage*
  • Farm Liability is available

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