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Your farm spans generations. But viruses don’t care if you plan to pass your hog operation down to your children. Viruses simply want to infect, multiply and spread. At James Allen Insurance, we can help protect your heritage. We offer comprehensive coverage against Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) infections, the only coverage like it in the US. A highly contagious viral infection, PRRS is one of the most economically damaging diseases for the pig industry with effects including decreased weight gains and reduced reproduction rates.First introduced to the US in 2013, PED can infect both suckling pigs and mature sows, resulting in a 60-100% mortality rate. Our policy covers the financial loss of the operation from actual mortality, reduction in weight and reduction in value of a pig.

:: Coverage is designed to transfer the financial impact of a break
:: The policy can insure 10% and up of production value of your operation
:: Premiums range from 5 cents to 40 cents per pig depending on the level of protection you want
:: Claims payment start from dollar one
:: You elect the value of cover per animal
:: Significant premium discounts are available for longer waiting periods
:: Coverage includes PRRS, PED, FMD and ASFD

“We had higher death loss in the nursery, but the insurance company covered that death loss, too. We didn’t farrow for 16 days and they paid us for all those pigs that we didn’t farrow. Then we started back up and began farrowing again. The PED was gone and it worked real well. It was a $950,000 claim; Bradshaw says the process couldn’t have gone any smoother than it did.”

– Brian Bradshaw, majority shareholder and manager of Win Productions LLC and current James Allen Insurance PRRS/PED policyholder

In an interview on This Week in AgriBusiness, our CEO addresses the threats posed by diseases like PED & PRRS, and how our coverage can spare producers from costly setbacks.

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